I’m sitting in the comfort and safety of my home, looking out the window at the sun sparkling off of the leaves of the trees.  It’s the first day of fall, but the air conditioner is running, because it’s been close to 90 degrees the past couple of days. A pot of homemade stew is bubbling on the stove, and the washing machine is chugging along. The robo-vac is humming across the carpet while the dog watches warily from her spot on the sofa. I’ve been working on editing a photo session since 7:00 a.m.; it’s almost 10:00, and I decided to take a break and put down what’s been swirling in my mind for weeks. Right now, in so many places across this country and across the world, the mundane daily tasks I just mentioned have been disrupted. People have lost their homes, their workplaces, their mundane routines; their “normal” is gone. From Harvey to Irma to Maria to Mexico, the past month has been one huge disaster after another. This isn’t going to be a long diatribe; I just want to remember when I look back at this date that I understand how precious the mundane and normal things are when you lose them. I don’t want to take the things I have for granted, including the family that I love. Having lost my father in a car accident 22 years ago, I know how quickly things can change. Right now, it feels as if the world is coming apart at the seams.  I pray that those of us who claim to follow Christ can lead the way as a light in this dark time.IMG_5607w


About Pam D

Wife, mom, blogger, amateur photographer, and most of all, in love with my Savior!

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