Where to begin? It’s been a crazy year; one that has had more lows than highs. In my personal life, I’ve been able to “find the thankful” in every occasion I’ve faced, and good has come out of adversity. In trying to make sense of this election season, however, I’m at a loss. It’s impossible for me to imagine true good coming out of the election of either candidate. Watching the party that has been my home for the past almost 40 years come completely unglued is depressing; I don’t WANT to be part of the politically homeless, but here I am.

This site has sat dormant since I opened it in 2011; social media replaced my desire to blog. That isn’t a good thing; Facebook posts and 140 character tweets don’t require much discipline, and my ability to pull together thoughts into a cogent, readable, informative post is fading fast. I hope to make myself use this site to exercise my brain and document the rest of the election season. Meanwhile, I’ll also be praying for a miracle.

Hello world!

Another blog; why?  Because I wanted pameladoughty.com before another Pamela Doughty took it. And since I have the domain, I suppose I may as well use it.  For what?  I’m not sure yet.  Maybe to just post photos, maybe to write a little.  I’m not even sure if I’ll tell folks about it; it may just stay my little secret. Except that I’m not very good at keeping secrets…